Happy Holidays!

GreenFrontCover_SantaUSEThe holidays are here again. We are thrilled to announce that our newest title, Goodnight Santa, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

Goodnight Santa is a fun and engaging holiday bedtime book, designed to teach your child their first words. With vibrant illustrations and simple rhymes, this adorable book is sure to keep your child focused and entertained, while you prepare them for bed. 

Goodnight reindeer, goodnight tree
Goodnight presents for you and me
Goodnight Santa, goodnight toys
Goodnight to all the girls and boys
Get your copy today! Available in eBook and paperback format.



Introducing Sammy’s Books and Goodnight World

Hi there. Welcome to Sammy’s Books. We are getting ready to launch in the next few days.

What is Sammy’s Books?
A collection of beginner books created for babies, toddlers, and young kids. Our simple and straightforward designs encourage children to focus, learn, and have tons of fun.

Introducing our first book, Goodnight World.
Goodnight World is designed to prepare your child for bed, at the same time, teach and remind them of their first words with the use of colorful illustrations and rhymes.


Goodnight World, plus all our upcoming titles will be available in both print and eBook format.

Check back soon! Thanks for stopping by.